Inner Dweller Exhibition 2019

Inner Dweller Murwillumbah Art Trail 2019

The bunky old suburban house brims with quirk and character. Generations of stories like buried treasure silently permeate the walls. Their tenuous hold in an ever homogenising landscape attracts like minded nostalgics. Sometimes the attraction is true love, affordability, and/or a rescue mission. In the end The House, with its stature of Home and its perceived moorings to belonging and sanctuary, can little convey the complex feelings and stories it stirs within. While Chelle turns her lens to what she sees of the one dimensional facade of adoring dated North Coast architecture, she attempts to touch on what we do not see by complimenting her images with written reflections from a range of people including herself about what their own house means to them.

Inner Dweller Feature Images

Inner Dweller portraits and written contributions by community about what home means to them. (The stories and the feature images have no direct correlation)